Your Painting & Interior Design Specialist Offers Wallpaper Removal Services

When it comes to painting & interior design jobs, our wallpaper removal specialist at Stawicki Painting and Interior Design in La Pine, OR understands the value of a clean slate. Removing old wall coverings can be a time-consuming and difficult task, however, it is vital to ensure that your new design looks its best.

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The removal process is intended to be speedy and effective while causing no damage to your walls. Below are the steps we usually take:

  • Preparation

Before we start the job, we will apply protective covers on the floors and furniture. We will also inspect the wallpaper and the state of the walls to identify the best removal method.

  • Removal

Our painting & interior design experts may use a mix of methods to remove the wallpaper, depending on the type of material and the adhesive used. Steaming, scraping, and utilizing a special solution are all options. Our team will take care not to damage the walls while removing the coverings.

  • Cleaning

When we remove the wallpaper, we will thoroughly clean the walls to eliminate any residue or glue stains. This will ensure that your fresh paint or wallpaper sticks properly.

  • Finishing

Once the walls have been cleaned, our painting & interior design specialists can either paint them or hang new wallpaper.

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You can guarantee that your interior design and painting project in La Pine, OR gets off to a good start by employing a professional wallpaper removal service. Stawicki Painting and Interior Design‘s skilled specialists will take care of the time-consuming and often annoying job of removing old wallpaper, leaving you with a clean slate to work with. Call us at (541) 208-4672 today to set up a consultation!

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